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How to obtain credits?


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Oct 25, 2021
How to obtain credits?

You can obtain credits by either contributing to the website through posting your own hidden content such as leaked databases or by posting interesting articles. Also you can purchase credits here on your right or through the upgrades page by first upgrading your account and then claiming the credits here.

How long does it take for me to receive my purchase?

If you made your purchase through a CryptoCurrency then your purchase is automated and should be delivered as soon as your blockchain transaction is verified by the blockchain. If you have any problems please contact Amunet for additional support.

I have received my rank but not my credits?

If you have received your rank you should see a green banner on our website stating that you have unclaimed credits, click this to claim them. But if your credit count doesn't change or you don't see this banner then please contact Amunet for support.

How does the hidden content system work?

When a user utilizes the hidden content tags depending on which forum they are posting on, the content will either be displayed to other users through either a reply or by spending 8 credits. If the user spends 8 credits to unlock your hidden content then you will receive 6 credits from that user and he will then be able to view the content forever. If the content is replytoview then the user can view your content as soon as he makes a post on your thread or if he has an upgraded account he can bypass replytoview content but not paid content.

Why donРІР‚в„ўt I receive credits when posting e.t.c?

If you have purchased credits or ranks please read "How long does it take for me to receive my purchase?" before reading this. If you are refering to how long it takes to receive credits after you make a post or someone unlocks your content, this is always instant. If you didn't receive credits then you posted in a section of the forum that doesn't provide credits and if you didn't receive credits from someone unlocking your content this is probably because the forum you posted in is replytoview meaning users only have to reply to your thread to see the content and don't need to pay you.

Why have I lost credits?

Other than using credits to purchase locked content and items the only other way you can lose credits is if your posts are deleted, if a moderator deems your post to be breaking our rules or policies it will be removed deducting credits from your account and this can cause you to go into negatives.
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