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Dear Friends, On the Amunet forum, we aggregating and posting data from more than a hundreds different sources, and we will also tell you about new high sensitive leaks and news in the IT and information security.

Best Regards, Amunet Support Team

Have time to make credits!!!


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Oct 25, 2021
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Welcome to the leaks section.
Our forum gives you the opportunity to earn real money simply by posting current bases and leaks for credits that you can exchange for our Amuncoin cryptocurrency.
At the moment, the beta testing and listing stage is underway, so you can accumulate credits in order to exchange them profitably later. For each opening of your base by other users you will earn 7 credits.

Daily Activity [Awarded on first login each day.] - 10 credits
[Charging other users to view your marked content.] - 7 credits
[A new user registers on the forum.] - 50 credits
[Someone else posting in your thread.] -
5 credits

If there are suggestions for the work of the forum, write in PM
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