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General Rules


Staff member
Oct 25, 2021
  1. Language should be only in ENGLISH.
  2. Do not use bad language in forums. Even if you feel that a user deserves it, just report him instead of starting a fight with him.
  3. Do not spam the board, with useless posts, to increase you post counter. If you like a post, you can give a positive rep to the user.
  4. Do not create dupe accounts. 1 account per user/IP is allowed.
  5. We respect everyone's privacy. Posting any personal information of other members are not allowed. (Login data, passwords, email, IP, home address, IM accounts, in-game nicknames, doxes, etc).
  6. Any attempt of infecting another member will result in a permanent ban. This counts for malware, viruses, backdoors and also the linking to a phishing site.
  7. Advertising any other forums / sites in public or via PMs, is not allowed.
  8. Any adult (mature rated) images, links, and the exchange of those contents are forbidden.
  9. Redistributing or uploading any Hidden Content to third party websites without the authorisation of the Owner of said content will result in a permanent ban.
  10. Do not beg for any donations. If you have no money, search for a job.
  11. No posting of links which refer to or any other URL-shortening sites. Always use a direct link. Why? It's annoying and you don't earn shit with it anyways, remember that.
  12. Do not request stuff on PMs particularly to staff because they will not answer you about that.
  13. Do not send to other members ads/spams of other sites/invites.
  14. If someone receives any invites or spams, please contact the staff.
  15. Amunet is not responsable about members writing to eachothers, so if you have some quarrels don't try to contact a staff.
  16. When advertising, do it in the proper section; advertising in your avatar, signature, usertitle, username & private message(s) are not allowed!
  17. Discussion, depiction or promotion of child sexuality, abuse, exploitation and/or related topics that may be harmful to or threaten the security of a child and/or minor is not permitted.
  18. Disrespecting Amunet or its Staff members will result in a permanent ban.