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Discord | All Tools In One v2.1 By Astraa


BOT (Read-Only)
Staff member
Dec 6, 2021

Discord | All Tools In One v2.1 By Astraa


* Selft Bot: Turn your discord account into a self bot.
* RAT Tool: Create a RAT file. Once the victim runs it, you can control his PC through a BOT Discord.
* Raid Tool: Allows to raid a discord server with several accounts (requires an account generator).
* Server Nuker: Easily nuke a discord server with a BOT Discord.
* VideoCrash Maker: Convert a video into an identical video that makes Crash discord app when played.
* File Grabber: Create a file to get a user's token and allows you to convert it to an Exe.
* Token Qr Generator: Generate a "Fake Nitro QR Code". If a user scans it, you get his token.
* IP Grabber: Allows you to retrieve the IP of any person who is on a call with you.
* Account Nuker: Quit the servers, Delete friends, Create serveurs, change the settings of a user with his Token.
* Account Disabler: Allows you to disable any discord account with the token of this one.
* Account Generator: Create a discord account valid every 1min30 and give you the associated token.
* Settings Cycler: Cycle the color of the Discord theme (Black/White) of a user with his Token.
* Token Informations: Get all the information of a Discord User with his Token.
* AutoLogin: Enter a user's token and automatically log in to the user's account.
* Clear DM: Delete all your messages sent to a person in dm automatically.
* HypeSquad House Changer: Select your HypeSquad House.
* Statue Changer: Change your Discord Statue.
* Nitro Generator: Generates and tests a Nitro code. If it works, you will be notified.
* Nitro Sniper: Snipe in your servers the nitro links. If a link is found, it will try to put it on your account.
* WebHooks Spammer: Spam the message you want through a WebHooks.
* WebHooks Remover: Delete any WebHooks link.